Punk band. Toronto.

“Did you mean Manifesto?”

“Did you mean Manifesto?”

Thanks to Routine Examinations for the love.


April 2, 2013… or….?

You can stream the entire album and Other Essays on YouTube now.

Oh, and APRIL FOOL’S — the album is available TOMORROW, not April 2. That’s right, you can get it for free (or a donation of your choice) on MARCH 26, 2013 on Bandcamp.

All downloads come with bonus pdf artwork, lyrics, and liner notes.


Pre-orders are up.

Pre-orders are up.

and Other Essays is available for a $1 pre-order on our Bandcamp page.

While you’re there you can listen to “Pink Girls vs. Punk Chicks” and get a free copy if you pre-order the album.

and Other Essays is our debut album.

Design by Clarence King

Design by Clarence King

It’s coming….. April 2, 2013.

It’s all beginning….

Just wait…..